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Liars, cheats, brawlers, and brigands may call themselves a member of this guild, should they so desire. A rogue is versatile, capable of sneaky combat and nimble tricks. They are stealthy and dexterous, capable of finding advantages in a fight that no other could. A rogue can further specialize in one of three different classes at their twentieth rank. To do so, they must find the guild guard of the new prospective guild and convert. The bard guild is in Atheln, the assassin guild is in Caelwyn, and a thieves guilds can be found in Mugger's Alley.

Available Classes:


These are available upon creation.

Aquai, Avian, Demon, Drow, Half-Drow, Duergar, Dwarf, Elf, Half-Elf, Faerie (Ylsae), Faerie (Kaddar), Gnome, Goblin, Halfling, Human, Panthera, Slith, Undead

Not Recommended:

These are not available upon creation, but can be converted to at any guildmaster by using the Guild command.


Not Available:

These are not valid guilds, due to size restrictions.

Demi-Giant (Fire), Demi-Giant (Hill), Demi-Giant (Storm), Minotaur, Ogre

Level Skills
1 dagger spear
sword backstab
dodge hand to hand
hide peek
butcher forage
prune fishing
2 defuse
3 dirt kicking
4 sneak
5 second attack
7 parry pick lock
8 fast healing
10 disarm detect hidden
11 haggle
14 meditation
15 enhanced damage trip
16 dual wield
17 throw edge craft
18 third attack disguise
19 envenom