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Below is the full list of classes. You can view the basic information here. You can select the links to view detailed information about the class, as well as quick references to other useful pages such as strategies, stat priorities, and class skills/spells.

Class Type Alignments Description
Assassin Hybrid NE Stealthy fighters. Can focus on melee, poisons, or straight up burst damage.
Bard Hybrid GN Songsmiths. Utilize songs for a wide array of effects.
Battlemage Caster GNE "Melee mages" in that most of their damage comes from spells that grant passive damage sources. They have a mix of utility and moderate damage spells as a supplement.
Berserker Melee GNE Angry fighters. They can enter a rage for a powerful boost to both accuracy and damage, but at the cost of being unable to flee or dodge attacks. Have three paths with varied abilities and rage effects.
Blademaster Melee GNE Masters of bladed weapons. Utilize stances for special effects, and can target specific areas of their opponents bodies for devastating effects.
Cleric Caster GNE Holy mages. They are primarily defensive, focusing more on curative ability. They do have some damaging abilities as well, but with a narrower range.
Dark Knight Hybrid E Unholy knights. Can cast maledictive spells in addition to a few afflictive spells. Can beckon dark entities to possess a weapon, making it more powerful.
Druid Hybrid N The Swiss army knife of nature. They have decent casting powers, and decent melee output, but truly excel at defense, utility, and adaptability. Can transform into a wide range of beastial forms.
Healer Caster G Name says it all. They have almost no offense, and instead focus on supporting others with curatives and utility spells. They can be potent undead killers.
Invoker Caster GNE Elemental mages. They can hit a wide array of elemental weaknesses with their spells, including fire, ice, air, water, and lightning.
Monk Melee GNE Hand to hand fighters. Utilize stances and chakera strikes to attack their foes.
Necromancer Caster E Death mages. They animate corpses to fight alongside them, and control magic that debilitates their foes.
Paladin Hybrid G Holy knights. More offensive than clerics, with respectable melee output, at the cost of reduced utility and curative powers.
Ranger Melee GNE Forest hunters. Calls wild animals to fight with them, and are deadly with a bow.
Rogue Melee GNE Base class for bards, assassins, and thieves. Doesn't have anything past level 20.
Shaman Caster E Maledictive casters. They have next to no direct damage abilities, and instead focus on wearing down their victims with poisons, diseases, debilitating curses, and pestilence.
Thief Melee GNE Stealthy fighters. Uses deceit as a weapon, able to set traps and perform unprecedented feats of dexterity to avoid incoming attacks.
Vampire Hybrid E Hunters of the night. Weaker in the daylight. Utilize blood magic to supplement their melee capabilities. Can transform into wolves, bats, or mist as needed.
Warrior Melee GNE Quintessential martial fighters. Specialize in weapons of their choosing, which greatly increases their proficiency in those weapons, and unlocks abilities for a specific chosen weapon type.