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Strength Intelligence Wisdom Dexterity Constitution Alignments Size Vulnerabilities Resistances Immunities Extra
?? ?? ?? ?? ?? Evil Medium Holy, Light Mental, Ice, Disease Immune to a variety of ailments to the living.

Vampire Requirements

In order to become a familiar/vampire you will need to be:

Align: Evil

Religion: Death or Agnostic, in the latter case you will be converted to Death

Class: Dk, Warrior, Ranger, Berserker, or Blademaster

To become a vampire you will first need to become a familiar. This can be accomplished either by finding a certain NPC vampire somewhere in the underdark and if you meet the requirements he will bless you with his bite. Once bitten the character will be eligible to complete the Sanguine Arcaneum and you can proceed from there. Additionally every vampire will have the ability to make a familiar of their own, and in this case once the vampire is 'dead and gone' their familiar will be given the quest and can rise up and take on the vampire mantle. So in a sense each vampire can choose their heir.

Available Classes:

Vampire is a class, as well as a race.


In a time long past, Halla observed the mortal realm's growing reliance on necromancy, initially aligned with her teachings. However, as more necromancers began raising the dead without proper reverence and control, they inadvertently disrupted the natural order, creating uncontrolled undead abominations. Fearing the escalating chaos, Halla decided to create vampires as a counterbalance. She selected individuals who were dedicated followers of her teachings and imbued them with prophyria, transforming them into the first vampires. The conflict arose when these newly sanctioned vampires, empowered by Halla, saw the growing threat posed by rogue necromancers and their undead creations. They believed that to restore the balance, they needed to confront the necromancers who had strayed from Halla's true path. Thus, a complex relationship emerged between vampires and necromancers. While both followed Halla, they found themselves at odds over their differing approaches to death and the undead. Vampires became Halla's agents tasked with reining in the necromancers who threatened to disrupt the natural order, even if it meant opposing their own kindred.

Usual Height:

Similar to their human precursors, roughly 5-7 feet.


No known hometown, though rumors talk of covens in the Caelwyn Sewers and the Underdark.


Vampires follow Halla and are irrevocably devoted to her, carrying out her will upon the world.

Physical Features:

Vampires share the same physical features as their Undead subordinates, however instead of draining life through groping, they drink blood where they can find it, or drain corpses of their blood and soul. Eating and drinking regular food will provide no sustenance at all. Due to their lack of bodily function, Undead do not suffer from many ailments of the living. They are immune to poison and dysentery, are resistant to plague, take reduced damage from icy or cold attacks, and resist all mental attacks, as their minds are already nearly empty.


Vampire society in Aelisus is a complex and hierarchical structure, characterized by covens or clans led by powerful individuals known as Bloodlords or Covenmasters. These covens, each with its own territories and rules, form the backbone of vampire society. Rumors speak of a council of ancient and powerful vampires, known as the Blood Council, that makes decisions that affect all vampires, such as alliances and dealings with other supernatural beings. Blood oaths and bonds are central to their culture, both as a mark of loyalty and a source of power. This secretive society exists primarily underground or in hidden locations, maintaining a careful balance between mortal influence and their own interests. Rivalries, power struggles, and political intrigue are common, and they adhere to ancient traditions and rituals that govern their existence, including initiation ceremonies and blood feasts. To counterbalance their power, vampire hunters and specialized organizations may exist, dedicated to tracking and eliminating rogue vampires who threaten the balance of the world.

Relationships with Other Races:

Vampires maintain a dominant and often exploitative relationship with most other races. They view these races primarily as means to an end, utilizing them as thralls, a source of sustenance, or as tools to further their dominion. Their interactions with other races are marked by a hierarchical and predatory nature.


-Vampires have undergone a massive rework that primarily reduces their vulnerability to the sun and gives them scaling blood-related powers. Specifics pinned in QnA. 8-10-23

-Vampire quest class implemented. 6-30-21