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Necromancers are corrupted mages, swayed by the forces of death to bring about living corpses. Many find macabre joy in feeding bodyparts of the fallen to their twisted abominations, while others prefer raising an army to conquer the weak. Through their studies, they learn to augment different minor powers, making each Necromancer unique. Every Necromancer finds a passion through different dark means. Some raise corpses while others shatter bones, but what they all have in common is the means to deliver more souls into the realm of death.

Available Classes:


These are available upon creation.

Avian, Demon, Drow, Half-Drow, Duergar, Faerie (Kaddar), Goblin, Human, Undead

Not Recommended:

These are not available upon creation, but can be converted to at any guildmaster by using the Guild command.

Demi-Giant (Fire), Illithid, Ogre, Slith,

Not Available:

These are not valid guilds, due to alignment restrictions.

Aquai, Demi-Giant (Hill), Demi-Giant (Storm), Dwarf, Elf, Half-Elf, Faerie (Ylsae), Gnome, Halfling, Minotaur, Panthera

Lvl Skills Spells
1 dagger whip chill touch
butcher staff
forage prune
2 detect magic
3 detect invis
4 invisibility
5 meditation armor comprehend languages
6 faerie fire
7 dodge
8 haggle
9 infravision
10 curse protection
vampiric touch abomination
11 weaken
12 blindness poison
14 trance dispel magic
15 fast healing locate object
16 protective shield
17 faerie fog
18 cancellation
19 energy drain
20 [[hand to hand] exhume animate corpse
22 mass invis
25 hold undead
26 second attack
27 summon
28 unholy call acid blast
30 flesh sacrifice necromantic aspect shatter
31 chorus of anguish
34 entomb
35 sleep
36 soul capture
40 necromancy lore strength damned
42 soul sacrifice
45 necromancy lore
47 realm of death
50 soul tap


-Lowered the cooldown on failing to animate a corpse. 9-3-23

-Necromancers released. 8-13-21