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Strength Intelligence Wisdom Dexterity Constitution Alignments Size Vulnerabilities Resistances Immunities Extra
16 21 24 23 18 Good Medium Lightning Drowning Water Breathing, Rogues can hide in water rooms

Available Classes:


These are available upon creation.

Assassin, Bard, Battlemage, Blademaster, Cleric, Healer, Invoker, Monk, Paladin, Ranger, Thief, Warrior

Not Recommended:

These are not available upon creation, but can be converted to at any guildmaster by using the Guild command.


Not Available:

These are not valid guilds, due to alignment restrictions.

Dark-Knight, Druid, Necromancer, Shaman


Originating from the depths of the ocean, they established a permanent settlement of Marintide beneath Kirameku Bay. It was during their time beneath the waves that they had their first encounter with the unique Storm Demi-Giants, who frequented the bay with a passion for spear fishing. Through kindness and mutual respect, the Storm Demi-Giants introduced the Aquai to the world above the surface. In a momentous development, the Aquai pioneered respirator technology, enabling surface races to breathe underwater. This breakthrough fostered both cooperation and trade between the Aquai and surface dwellers. Though they occasionally visit the surface, the Aquai's hearts remain firmly rooted in their underwater world, where they find solace and connection to the ocean.

Usual Height:

Though slender, they are strangely tall due to their evolution in the ocean and are typically the size of a very tall human. Often six to seven feet.




Revering the god of life Navith, they exude an affinity for aquatic life and ecosystems, celebrating this connection through art, rituals, and festivals.

Physical Features:

Aquai are somewhat tall. Their streamlined bodies and webbed digits empower them to navigate waterways with grace, while their adaptable features enable them to explore terrestrial landscapes. They most frequently exhibit a blue hue, which is typically beneficial for blending into watery surroundings, but Aquai have been known to have a variety of scale pigments, from turqoise to dark violet.


To Aquai, life is a celebration of simplicity and harmony. They revel in the joys of existence, cherishing every moment. Their vibrant culture revolves around festivals dedicated to Navith, the guardian of the deep. These gatherings are marked by music, dance, and communal feasts, fostering a deep sense of unity.

Living in perfect symbiosis with the natural world, the Aquai prioritize sustainability and conservation. Their interactions with nature are marked by reverence, ensuring that their way of life endures, and the beauty of Aelisus remains untouched for generations to come.

Relationships with Other Races:

Aquai have a special relationship with the storm demi-giants, as they were the first group of racial diversity that they came upon when settling in Kirameku Bay. They share the goodness of the storms, and so are quick to trust them. Aquai are relatively accepting of other races, especially those who visit them underwater, however they are cautious to trust other races when not in their natural element in order to ensure their own safety.