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Battlemage is the name for spell casters trained in arts of battlefields and combat magic. They frown on Invoker's blatant waste of energies and use more efficient means to eliminate their opposition. Capable of summoning terrifying blades to use for offense and controlling weapons to do their bidding they posses both strong offense and fair defense. It is rumored that a well trained battlemage can easily hold his own against even the most powerful of warriors.

Available Classes:


These are available upon creation.

Aquai, Avian, Demon, Drow, Half-Drow, Elf, Half-Elf, Faerie (Ylsae), Faerie (Kaddar), Gnome, Human, Illithid, Undead

Not Recommended:

These are not available upon creation, but can be converted to at any guildmaster by using the Guild command.

Demi-Giant (Fire), Demi-Giant (Hill), Demi-Giant (Storm), Duergar, Dwarf, Goblin, Halfling, Minotaur, Panthera, Ogre, Slith

Not Available:

These are not valid guilds, due to alignment restrictions.

Lvl Skills Spells
1 dagger whip detect magic
butcher forage chill touch
prune fishing
2 meditation chill touch
4 armor
5 sword
6 detect invis
7 mace dodge invisibility
8 haggle staff
10 trance shocking grasp blaces
11 force field
12 fast healing faerie fire
13 comprehend languages
15 kick earthquake terra shield
16 colour spray
18 infravision
20 cancellation dispel magic
21 localize gravity
22 shield
23 rust
24 locate object
25 hand to hand stone skin
26 blur
28 mirror image air shield
29 shrink
32 flashfire
33 thunderclap
34 haste
35 field dressing
37 enlarge
38 sharpmetal
40 plumbum manus
42 meteor swarm
43 sequencer
44 sear
46 dancing blade
48 manalock
50 reflective shield