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Strength Intelligence Wisdom Dexterity Constitution Alignments Size Vulnerabilities Resistances Immunities Extra
20 20 20 20 20 Any Medium +1 to class favored stat

Available Classes:


These are available upon creation.

Assassin, Bard, Battlemage, Berserker, Blademaster, Cleric, Dark-Knight, Druid, Healer, Invoker, Monk, Necromancer, Paladin, Ranger, Shaman, Thief, Warrior

Not Recommended:

These are not available upon creation, but can be converted to at any guildmaster by using the Guild command.


Not Available:

These are not valid guilds, due to alignment restrictions.



In the world of Aelisus, humans have a rich history of adaptability and change. They are the dominant and most populous race, known for building and toppling societies across the ages. The city of Atheln stands as a testament to their influence, housing a thriving human population at its heart. Yet, beneath the surface, a different aspect of human nature emerges in the underground city of Caelwyn. Here, humans mingle with the enigmatic drow and duergar, forming alliances and connections that defy the surface world's norms.

Usual Height:

The standard height for medium races, about 5 - 7 feet


Atheln, Caelwyn


Religiously, humans in Aelisus are a blank slate, with no strong inclination one way or another. This open-mindedness allows them to explore various paths in life, making them a versatile and adaptable race capable of shaping their destinies in countless ways.

Physical Features:

Humans are the standard for a bipedal creature. They can range wildly from sickly, small and weak, to incredibly bulky and tough but maintain average stats as a whole for their race. They are more defined by their individuality than their features as a homogeneous race.


Human society is largely associated with both power and gold. Humans, of course, operate within a range of priorities from religion to personal advancement. It cannot be said, however that humans as a society haven't created many great things.

Relationships with Other Races:

Humans have decent relations with almost all other races. Most sentient beings are aware of the power of the human will and mind. Humans can be found everywhere in Aelisus and so are a familiar sight to most.