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Halla's lust for death knows no bounds, personified by her followers. Those who follow Halla not only worship death. They seek to become it. They are fascinated with it. They need to understand all it has to offer. She is the mother of all Vampires, and those she embraces by her hungering curse represent her most loyal servants. They are a part of her, sharing in her never-ending hunger for life. Her influence does not stop with her blood- drinking children. The need to die in battle, the executioner's merciless axe, the necromancer's craft are all tokens to the glory of death. She is the antithesis of life. Some who worship her live their entire lives only so they may be worthy sacrifices to her power. Others worship her so they may seize control of death itself. Her followers have emerged from all walks of life, sharing in that one undeniable belief: That death is the ultimate end, and it is unavoidable.