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Luck, Fate, Chance, it doesn't matter what you call it. Wherever there is one possibility, there are endless possibilities. If there is only one course of action, then indeed, there is none. There is no need to accept this fact, for it is woven into the fabric of reality. To embrace the structure of causality, one must first understand that both the number of causes and the number of effects are infinite. If there are any realities in which one does not exist, there is equally likely a reality, if not many, where one does. The entity Wendr came into being upon this very principle that there was a chance for it to do so. It arrived in its homeworld, not as a god but as an agent of purpose. It was not long before the denizens of its world began to pray to Wendr, shout its name at the apex of their warcries, and build temples in its image. Wendr, however, had no desire to govern. It merely wanted to see the extent of possibility. Where there was war, it would plant the seeds of doubt in men that they'd put their differences aside. When peace reigned for too long, it would spark an inevitable rebellion. Wendr knew that there was always a chance another more powerful entity could absorb it. It also knew that it would have no choice when that time came but to embrace its nature. Yes, when Aelisus loomed over the horizon, Wendr did not flinch. It hurled its world towards Aelisus with all its might. Wendr knew doing nothing would end its world and all possible outcomes with it. So why would it dive headfirst into the abyss? It knew there was no other outcome that guaranteed survival, but at least this offered a chance.