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Stats are the foundation of every character. They are used to calculate a great many things. In most cases can be modified endlessly, though there are diminishing returns coded into each stat. Attribute stats, like strength, intelligence, and constitution, have a cap that cannot be bypassed, which is determined by your race. If you would exceed that cap, you instead get a buffer equal to the value of the excess, which acts as padding against any effect reducing that attribute. For example, as a human invoker, you have 20 strength. If you get an additional 4 strength from your equipment, your strength would remain at 20, with 4 excess. If your strength would be lowered for any reason, like with the effect of poison, the excess will be depleted first. So in this example, the human invoker with a poison that reduces strength by 3 while having 4 excess would remain at 20 strength, and have one excess remaining.

Refer to the table below for a list of stats, what they do, and links to more detailed information on those stats.