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The balance of Sidr and Devortrix swayed like a metronome, back and forth for an indeterminate amount of time. Nigmuth could only watch with fascination in the beginning but would soon grow bored. How could a machine like this exist with only two moving parts? A world had to be much more than this, and so Nigmuth turned to the sleepers. Still petrified since the cataclysm, he touched them one by one on the forehead before fading into obscurity outside the world he created, invisible to them and even to the invaders. The invaders, in their eternal struggle, noticed signs of life within the sleepers. In a necessary and immediate desire to maintain their power, they parleyed. Sidr and Devortrix quickly agreed that it would be too dangerous to allow the others to remain awake and unchained, able to grow in strength. So, they focused on equal and opposite forces of power to subdue the others but could not keep them asleep - only imprisoned. Nigmuth saw this and decided not to act. One interference was quite enough. Should the newly awakened gods find a way to overcome their subjugation or not, Nigmuth was curious to find out. For now, the followers of Navith, Halla, Wendr, and Azzaron would be able to speak to their gods and be heard. Would their gods be able to communicate back?