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Welcome to the Aelisus wiki!

Welcome to Aelisus, a high-fantasy realm where your imagination knows no bounds. In this immersive world, it's not just a game – it's a journey into a land of epic adventures. Aelisus, established in 2021, beckons you to embrace your inner hero or villain.

With 25 diverse races and 18 unique classes, your character's destiny is yours to shape. But remember, in this RP Enforced world, staying in character is key. Forge alliances or rivalries, as player-killing is allowed. It is however, opt-in so if you prefer not to be subject to attack, you may choose so!

Join a guild, ascend its ranks, and choose your path: will you join the enigmatic Sacari, masters of self-reliance? Dive into the mystical and void with the enigmatic Occult? Or align with the Empire, seeking control through law?

The possibilities are endless in Aelisus. Step into a world where adventure, intrigue, and destiny await at every turn.

If you know exactly what you are looking for, there is a search bar in the top right of the page. Otherwise, there is a navigation bar on the left, where topics are split into sections for browsing. Each page will contain links to relevant information from other pages. If you find a page that is empty or missing any information, or just does not exist, please check our Discord let the staff know. If the staff is not available, you can reach out to Enethier on discord, and he can make any necessary changes.