Aelisus : Asunder

Aelisus : Asunder

A Multiplayer Real-Time Virtual World



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RP Enforced

We enforce immersion and role-play. From the moment you enter the world, you are your character. We have staff working behind the scenes to maintain quality gameplay and behavior.

Full Loot PvP

You can and will lose everything. You have the choice to PvP but you do not have the option of not becoming a target.

Crafting and PvE

Crafting and PvE are not just an add-on but a play-style. You choose how much you will engage in fighting, adventuring, or dominating the economy. Politics and subterfuge are also available to those willing to put the time in.

What is Aelisus?

There are thousands of planes and planets and the Invaders have arrived in yours. They’ve petrified your God, assumed much of their power, and are working to corrupt the world you know. Each of them are locked in a struggle with one another to mold your world in their image.

Will you join a cabal, allow yourself to become one of their harbingers, or will you fight to save the land of your birth?


Unique Classes


Enemies to Vanquish


Powerful Races


Items to Collect


Areas to Explore


Combinations Just At Basic Creation