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COOKING Syntax: cook <recipe #> / season <food> <seasoning>

Cooking is easily one of the more profitable professions. All of the items you create will be consumed, and thus create a continuing demand. Cooks can take raw FOOD and create deliciously powerful products. Cooks may ATTUNE themselves and cook any raw ingredient they know the RECIPE for to give it desired properties. To cook you must always be in front of a fire or oven. Seasoning is a secondary skill that is used after the cooked food is finalized. Seasoning increases the power of the food, duration, or preserves it.

Remember to type RECIPE to see your available recipes. Many can be found foraging in the wild or found sold in shops.

When cooking, if you ATTUNE to certain elements, you can imbue your food with certain bonuses that can great aid you in your adventures. The Attunement combinations are as follows:

Fire - STR

Water - INT

Earth - CON

Air - DEX

Light - WIS

Void - LUCK

Fire/Light - HP

Water/Light - Mana

Air/Light - Move

Fire/Void - Damroll

Earth/Light - AC

Air/Void - Hitroll

Fire/Air/Light - Savingaffl

Earth/Air/Light - Savingmaled

Water/Air/Light - savingmental

Fire/Water/Air/Earth/Light - Savingspell

Water/Air/Earth/Light/Void - Spell learn

Fire/Air/Earth/Light/Void - Skill learn

Fire/Earth - Hitgain

Water/Earth - Managain

Air/Earth - Movegain

Fire/Air/Void - Afflpen

Earth/Air/Void - Maledpen

Water/Air/Void - Mentalpen

Fire/Water/Air/Earth/Void - Spellpen